Recent Urbans 2013-14

UWIP20040 Prado 2014 60x45 900"Prado" Ink&Watercolor 60x45cm 2014"Engulfed in rapid lifestyles with omnipresent pressures to 'succeed,' some of us often forget to appreciate the world in which we live, obscuring the positive qualities that define our society and provide our daily pleasures," stated Carlos Pérez Franco, with particular reference to his native Montevideo.

After thirty years outside of Uruguay — and supporting his belief that artists draw best when using references from their immediate surroundings — Pérez Franco encountered no shortage of inspiration upon his return for an ongoing urban series that investigates the Latin American & European architectural and cultural influences that contributed to Uruguay's rich social character since its independence.

"While some tend to devalue the reality around us in search for some higher order of insight or profound revelation, I'm intrigued by the unique relationships and traverses we experience every day. Artists don't need to invent anything, it's already there for all of us to explore and cherish."

As an architect, buildings and infrastructure are omnipresent in the artist's work. Everything has a human element as well. The street encounters. The way people utilize their spaces. The relationships between community and surrounding land use. All allow a secondary reading of Perez Franco urban works. Details, whether a passing trolley, a street futbol match or a balcony conversation lend social depth in these nostalgic, oft melancholic works.

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