Between Two Worlds

Excerpts from review by Armando Alvarez-Bravo

 Desfile AL 120x98 900"Desfile de Las Llamadas" Acrylic/Linen 120x98cm   Pérez Franco combines the sober colors of his native southern region of South America with the vibrant tropical colors that he witnessed for many years while resident in Venezuela....These two coinciding and harmonious worlds are translated into meticulously constructed paintings. Popular Latin American figures are transformed in search of universality....

The anonymous beings in the works of Pérez Franco serve to represent and to act as symbols of reality. They dominate each canvas as if they were inevitable consequences of layered paint. But these color planes that enrich the composition are something more than figurative detail, forming part of an internal architecture subtly created by the artist, vindication of his academic formation.

...In Latin American art, there has always been a symbiosis between the architect and the artist. From this well assimilated symbiosis, the artist creates his visions, exalting the positive values of our world and his patronage...

Tamayo, Torres-Garcia, the southern colors, tropical enlightenment, architectonic rigor, the muralists, and a strong desire to contribute to the definition of Latin America through fine art, are some of the guiding lights that illuminate the unique world of Pérez Franco. On his horizon, the human figure is but an element of a superior architecture in which we can define the diversity of Latin American expression.

Alvarez Bravo Armando
Armando Alvarez-Bravo (1938-2003)
Arts Edition Editor for El Nuevo Herald of The Miami Herald  
Original Text Copyright © El Nuevo Herald / The Miami Herald

Carlos Perez Franco by Carol Damian

Excerpts from review for Latin American Art Magazine - 1993

81 FMP28040 Hatchling 2010 48x67 500"Hatchling" Mixed/Paper 48x67cm

   Large, flat, boldly painted figures - predominantly women - dominant the colorful canvasses of Uruguayan artist Carlos Perez-Franco. Involved in a variety of ordinary daily activities, the figures are reduced to minimal line and color, yet easily express personality and gesture and a sense of oneness with the world around them. Generally painted in subtle monochromatic ranges of color, the figures and background blend harmoniously to evoke particular moods characteristic of the activities represented. Color also helps to secure a compositional balance between the painting's design elements and its context. Subtle references through the works identify important factors of the reality depicted by the artist....Perez Franco said recently of his work, 'Through my painting, I attempt to encourage the viewer to delve deeper, evoking a passion for life...and all aspects of the daily ritual.' His distinctive characters do precisely that. 

carol headshot 400x600
Carol Damian, Ph.D.
Art Critic / Historian / Professor
Latin American Art Magazine
Former Director - Frost Museum @FIU


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330 DiscoveriesFromOurSoil"Discoveries From Our Soil" 137x168cm 1994"...beautiful works on canvas, the result of Pérez Franco's continued search for new forms of artistic expression from within his socio-cultural medium...."

gcl Headshot
Guillermo Cabrera Leiva
Poet, Writer, Art Critic
Diario de las Americas, Miami, FL

"...compelling works...a contemporary interpretation of classic aesthetics drawn respectfully from modern masters  as diverse as Picasso and Cezanne, then actualized through his original perspective.... an uncanny ability to balance and unify.... Pérez Franco injects his soul into receptive subjects, relaying a positive message through incarnate figures and stimulating forms..."

berkeley university1
Professor Paul Leiber Ph.D. (1918-1992)
Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA

"...Carlos Pérez Franco offers an intense portrayal of our society, capturing the subtleties of each diverse segment of its complex heritage, crystallizing human emotions and easily extracting the essence of diverse concepts and imagery...."

Victor small
Victor Fuenmayor, Ph.D.
Writer / Professor / Art Critic
University of Zulia

".... Pérez Franco takes neither the high nor the low road to artistic expression. His works are honest, his message pure, never does he reflect a paranoiac desire to confuse, ambush, or condescend upon the observer .... a profound expression of human feeling that appeals to both the casual viewer and the art connoisseur..."

El Diario Panorama
Arts & Culture
Maracaibo ,Venezuela