At Play: The Festive Side

The first 10 images presented below comprise a series on paper created between 2010 and 2011 by Carlos Pérez Franco. In some ways it emulates a critically-acclaimed 1992 exhibition named "Image & Presence" at the Embassy Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida. In that exhibition, children and young adults frolicked in fields to play with balls and pets. Highlighting that show was one of the artist's finerst works of the period entitled "Muchacha con Pelota," a small, simple yet profound painting featuring a girl riveted on her game ball in a similar airy palette. The '92-'93 series differed in that it was created with acrylic on canvas, often with a sponge-like effect. We feel the new series works very well through the use of less weighty watercolors that closely matches the content.

The second set of 8 works form part of the 2013-14 group entitled "Full Circle: Mixed Media Works." We've included them here since we feel that thematically they embody the artist's festive spirit.

Examples below: