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The Works of Carlos Pérez Franco

Alt Sur Gallery and the family of Carlos Pérez Franco welcomes you to explore the treasure we proudly present: the CPF Estate Collection of paintings and drawings by one of Latin America's most accomplished abstract figurative artists.

Throughout this website you will find information about the artist, his ideas, his influences and his dual careers. Included are hundreds of images of works created between the 1950s and February 2015 when Carlos passed of natural causes at the age of 85 in his hometown of Montevideo. Featured are entire series of works on paper and canvas produced over the past decade that have never been exhibited as well as selected pieces from the artist's family collection and six decades of drawings.

Carlos Pérez Franco earned his place in the canon of leading post-war Latin American art due to  intricate compositions that worked on multiple planes simultaneously and his trademark gestural drawings from which many expressive paintings began. Contemporaries describe Pérez Franco's art as "raw, emotional yet fully-informed and expertly crafted."  Expressive subjects combined with the aesthetic challenges of duality in form and function create dramatic dialogue throughout his body of work.

Amongst the estate holdings currently available for exhibition or acquisition are numerous solo and group portraits, a complete 2014 series on paper titled Full Circle: Mixed Media, the Flora, Fauna, Figura series of 2011, El Cotidiano: Day in the Life works and Recent Urban studies from 2014 and 2011. Rare selectois on canvas and paper are available dating back to the 60s. (Many more drawings will be uploaded very soon.)

For additional information about acquiring existing works or representation opportunities in North America or Europe, please contact Alt Sur at your convenience.

UMP21020 The Fair 2014 60x44 500

Recent Urban Studies

GWIP29020 El Jefe y Su Grupo 2014 59x45 500

At Play: The Festive Side

FWP28406 El Jardin 2011 61x46 500

Flora, Fauna, Figura

WIP24520 Gardels Cabin 2014 60x45 500

Full Circle: Mixed Media 2014

MWIP70235 Studio Vista 2011 60x45 500

Marinas: Of Mind & Matter

OMP99020 March for the Missing 2011 61x46 500

The Serious Side